Things You Should Never Do in Acknowledgment of Academic Project

Acknowledgment of Academic Project
When it comes to writing a dissertation or thesis, writing an acknowledgement seems a burden to students, regardless of their level of research. No matter, how difficult you take this task, it is really important to draft it and place it in the preliminary pages of your dissertation. If you are wondering about the importance of the acknowledgement of academic project, you must know that it enables researchers to thank all people who have been a great support to them. Saying thanks to someone who helped you in research doesn’t refer to composing the list of names of the helper and saying a big thanks to all. However, there are many things that you must keep in mind while writing acknowledgement of academic project. Hopefully, you have read many articles on things to write a good acknowledgement; thus, in order to broaden your view, this article will help you know about things that you may never do while writing an acknowledgement.

Acknowledgement of Academic Project:

If your academic research project is a dissertation or thesis, then the acknowledgement section must be placed at the beginning or before the table of contents. Academic projects are of various natures; some you can complete independently, while others are collaborative projects. In the case of independent research projects, you must feel free to give gratitude to all those who played even a short role in the completion of your research projects, including friends, and family. Contrary to this, in collaborative projects, all writers have limited space for acknowledging their loved ones. To know more about the acknowledgement of academic project, the following are some don’ts.

Do Not Copy And Paste It From Another’s Thesis:

The biggest mistake that is common to our educational sector is the act of borrowing someone else’s acknowledgement. One night before the submission of academic project submission, students often seek help from others and get a file containing all preliminary pages, including certificates, acknowledgement, and even title pages. After altering the names and a few other things, they submit the dissertation without knowing the exact meaning and purpose of writing an acknowledgement of academic project. In case you really cannot write the acknowledgement, then you must seek someone’s help. All in all, borrowing someone else’s acknowledgement is the first never to do thing while writing acknowledgement.

Do Not Stuff The Name Of Your Supporters In The Project:

In case someone finally takes a step forward and decides to write the acknowledgement on his own, stuffing the name of all persons who helped in one way or another, is not acceptable. The student must know there are different sections of an acknowledgement as well. If you are a believer, you can start the acknowledgement with the name of God; however, non-believers can directly pay gratitude to the Voice Chancellor, Chairperson, Supervisor, and teachings staff who gave them professional support. After that, you can move on to the people who gave you emotional or financial support, such as parents, friends, and family. Therefore, stuffing all’s names directly without following a proper pattern is another mistake in writing acknowledgement of academic project.

Never Forget To Add How A Particular Entity Gives You Support:

Acknowledgement cannot be completed without specifying two things, who helped you and how. Mostly, students add the name of supports and their relation but forget to mention what kind of services that particular individual performed for them. To avoid this mistake, you must draft a complete statement stating ‘how a particular person helped you or why you want to thank him or her?’. For example, you can follow the following format:
I want to say thanks to all the lab technicians working in the pathology lab who maintained all instruments, so I achieved the desired outcomes of my research.

Do Not Forget The Educational Entities That Provided You With Indirect Support.

Adding names of people who played any role in the completion of your academic research project does mean neglecting the people who indirectly support you. For example, there are many entities in an educational setup that never come directly to you to support you. Rather, their presence in your educational setup is itself a blessing, like the Voice Chancellor and research committee. Apparently, they did not help you, but still, you must give their names in acknowledgement of academic project. Thus, you must not forget to mention such educational entities as well.

Final Thoughts:

Acknowledgement of academic project is all about saying a big thanks to all who played a role in the completion of a research task. There is nothing technical in writing it. However, by choosing the right vocabulary and avoiding the above-mentioned points, you can easily nail it.

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