A List of 5 Most Common Tools of Literature Mapping

Literature Mapping
As a student, you have to submit a lot of assignments and research papers. The purpose of these academic tasks is to examine your learning, and understanding. You will spend a lot of time selecting the topic. After choosing the topic, you will again spend time collecting the relevant data. One of the key chapters of your research paper is the literature review. You can access a wide range of sources for your literature review section. You can also get help from published articles and journals.

Apart from this, you can get help from the internet and the library. But you must have a plan to collect data from these sources. You can consider literature mapping in this regard. It is a key strategy that will help you in collecting the data for your literature review section. This article aims to discuss the five most common tools for literature mapping. It will also discuss how you can use them for collecting literature. So let’s discuss these tools in detail;

Connected Papers:

It is one of the first tools you can use for literature mapping. Apart from this, it is easy to use, and powerful tool. It will help you in identifying similar research papers with the help of a seed paper. It will also help you in knowing the relevant review papers that can help you with your research. You have to follow some simple steps for using this tool. First, you have to find seed paper. Later on, you have to enter it into the connected papers. Once you enter the search button, it will help you in finding 25+ relevant papers. You will get access to relevant data in no time through this tool then. You can read these papers, and be able to build a strong literature review for your research as a result.


Connected paper is one of the easiest tools that you can use. It will help you in finding the relevant papers if you have a single seed paper. But if you have more than one seed paper, how can you take this advantage?

Inciteful is another key tool for literature mapping. It will also help you in the collection of literature data. It will work better if you have at least five seed papers. You can enter one paper to allocate similar papers, and use the other papers for additional data. It will help you find the most important papers for your literature that are closest to the topic as well. Apart from this, it will show you the most recent papers by the top authors. You can even use filters to select the papers for your research.


This is another key tool that will help you in finding relevant papers. Litmaps will help you find citation relationships, and visualisation papers. There are four different ways through which you can use this tool. First, you can import paper while using the BibTeX format. Second, you can import papers from ORCID. Third, you can find papers using keywords. Fourth, you can even use the seed method for finding papers. You can use any of these for the literature mapping of your paper. It will help you visualise these papers in the form of nods. Apart from this, it will help you in developing the aspect of citation too. On the right side, it will have a list of the recently published papers. Whereas papers that were published earlier will be on the left side.

Citation-based Sites:

It is another tool that will help you in literature mapping. This tool again uses different software. This way, it will help you find relevant scientific literature for your research work. It will also help you in visualising the different links between different articles. It will also help you in creating the relationship between different articles. This tool will help you find published journals, and the work of individual researchers as well. This is because it will build a relationship based on citation, and bibliographic matching.

Citation Context Tool:

This tool will help you find relevant data based on citation context. It will use Scite software to find the data for you. This way, you will find data that will provide you with supporting, or opposing ideas. Later on, you can use this data for the literature mapping of your research work. In case if you still feel problems in using data for literature mapping, you can hire best writers from a reliable PhD dissertation writing service. This is because they always help you find both supporting, and opposing data for your research.


This article discussed the different tools that you can use for literature mapping. These tools will help you in finding the most relevant data for your research. This way, you will enhance the credibility of your research work, and make it more effective in general.

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